Every student must be in possession of his School Dairy on every working day. Non-compliance with this rule may debar a boy from attending school for the day.



i) A minimum of 80% attendance per term is required.

ii) On being absent, a leave letter from the guardian must be submitted to the class teacher, clearly stating the reason for absence.

iii) In case of illness the Principal must be notified in writing by the third day, and the anticipated time of absence mentioned.

iv) Boys absent from the school on medical grounds must produce a letter or an entry in their school dairy from parents or guardians when they rejoin. This must be supported by a medical certificate.

v) Boys afflicted by infectious diseases or exposed to such diseases in their homes must complete the quarantine period before rejoining school.

vi) A student returning to school after suffering from an infections or contagious disease should produce a doctor’s certificate permitting him to do so.

Students suffering from the following  diseases must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to school.

a) Chicken Pox – till the scabs fall off completely.
b) Measles – 2 weeks after the rash disappears.
c) Mumps – 22 days.
d) Jaundice – 6 weeks.
e) Whooping Cough – 6 weeks.
f) Cholera – after complete recovery.

vii) The school does not provide for any re-tests of class assignments, unit tests etc. which are missed due to absence.

viii) Any student who misses a Unit test in the Middle or Senior School when representing an official school team in any inter-school competition will be awarded average marks of the class.

ix) There is no such thing as a half day leave for students. Either the boy is in school for the entire working day or he stays at home. If an appointment is made with a doctor, the boy must not be sent to school on that day. Requests to send boys home early after unit tests etc will be automatically turned down.

x) The Principal’s prior permission for leave of absence from school is essential Boys who are absent without prior sanction, for more then one week, are liable to have their names struck off the school rolls.