Welcome to the school with a rich legacy, heritage and a remarkable contribution to humanity.

Established in 1836, La Martiniere for Boys has been imparting academic excellence as well as ensuring holistic development so that every pupil passing through its portals faces the outside world with integrity and sound character.

Owing to strong academics, varied extra and co-curricular activities, and the exemplary performance of our boys, both inside and outside school, we treasure the reputation of being rated as one of the best schools in India.

We are a school based on strong Christian values, but secular in our instructions. We start with boys at two and a half years, which really puts them at the center of ‘all that the school is about’, and gradually build their connection with the school in a compassionate and healthy environment. This develops a passion for learning and they enjoy each day in school. After class XII, their journey in school comes to an end, when they pass out as thorough gentlemen, each one ready to make a valuable contribution to the world.

Our pupils give us plenty of reasons to be proud of. This is achieved under the close guidance of learned, caring and deeply committed staff, who help me in providing new challenges, opportunities and balanced education for our pupils.

A successful school cannot function in isolation. My endeavour has always been to strengthen the tri-polar bonding – between the school, the pupils and the parents, so that we can share in the collaborative effort to bring about spiritual nurturing and effective and successful learning. A kind of education that can change our boys, and through them will make the world a better place. It is a source of satisfaction to see that our pupils are prepared not just to earn a living, but have also learnt how to live.

I use this platform to acknowledge with gratitude, the dedication and sustained efforts of all those people who have played an integral part in the growth and development of this great institution. These include the Board of Governors (past and present), the former Principals, Staff (past and present), the Alumni and most of all, our students.

Wishing everyone a remarkable and triumphant journey in school and always!