O Almighty God and most merciful Father who has taught us to praise Thee, as well for the dead as the living. We thank Thee for Claude Martin, Our Founder, for Catchick Paul Chater, our benefactor, and for the lives and examples of all who have served Thee in this School. Pour down Thy blessing, we pray Thee, upon those who are now here. Prosper our labours, as Thou in Thy wisdom seest to be best for us. Protect us, we beseech Thee, from all things hurtful both to soul and body. Preserve us by thy Holy Spirit from sin and selfishness, and make us generous and brave, pure and true, in all our work and in all our play, that our task being sanctified by Thy love, our days here may be attended by Thy blessing; and that when our day’s work on earth is over, Thou mayest send us rest from our labours, under the shadow of Thy wings; for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord.