La Martiniere for Boys lays special emphasis on the holistic development of the student, especially on the moral, ethical and social development of each child entrusted to us. Every student is, therefore, expected to behave in a manner befitting the true Martinian values and spirit, while on the premises and outside school, especially when they are in school uniform.
Disrespecting school regulations, disobeying and disrespecting teachers and ancillary staff, and indiscipline of any form will be dealt with, according to the seriousness and gravity of the offence, in the manner outlined in the following sections:

1. The use of unfair means and / or possession of unauthorised material in any examination will result in the annulment of a boy’s entire term results. A boy who renders unfair assistance to another is equally culpable and will therefore share in the punishment. Due weightage will be given to each terms’ assessments for deciding promotion to the next higher class, in respect of these boys. Repetition of such an offence will result in the immediate and automatic removal of the offender’s name from the School rolls.

2. Students are expected to be courteous and respectful towards the school and school authorities, including teachers and other ancillary staff members. Any misconduct in this regard will be dealt with in accordance with the procedure mentioned in Category 2.

3. Possession and use of electronic equipments like cameras, tablets, i-pods, i-pads, laptops, cell phones and Mp3 players is forbidden strictly in the school premises. If these electronic equipments are found in possession or in use without prior permission from the concerned authority for school related events, it will be confiscated and may be returned back at the end of the academic session subject to the discretion of the Principal.

According to the gravity of the act, the various misdemeanours and offences have been categorised as under:

Category I
i. Attending school in improper uniform and non-compliance with the school rules regarding grooming and uniform

ii. Habitual absenteeism and late – arrival

iii. Any attempt to undermine the sanctity of the School Assembly

iv. Improper maintenance of books and exercise books, untidy work, neglecting home works/tasks etc. (except in such instances where the student is diagnosed by a professional as having a kind of Learning Difficulty, supported by relevant documents)

v. Use of foul abusive / un-parliamentary language (in English or vernacular)

vi. Possession of any amount in excess of Rs. 50/- per day., except for a particular reason like ordering of uniform, purchase of diary, payment of club fee etc.

vii. Possession and / or use of electronic equipment like cameras, tablets , i-pods, i-pads, laptops, cell phones and mp3 players, except with prior permission from the concerned authority for a school related event.

viii. Possession and / or use of expensive watches, pens, pen drives, CDs, firecrackers, pen knives including Swiss Army Knives and other electronic device is strictly forbidden.

ix. Causing disturbances and disruptions during class hours, persistently quarrelling and / or fighting with classmates and other students

x. Consistent deterioration in academic progress
A first time offence will be documented in the school records with a ‘warning’ issued to the student. Subsequent misconduct will result in second warning letter, leading to possible suspension. Three warning letters may lead to expulsion, at the sole discretion of school authority.

Category II
i. Defacing, tampering and/or tearing one’s own or another pupils school dairy, text book(s) or note book(s).

ii. Stealing

iii. Disrespecting and disobeying teachers, other superiors and staff members.

iv. Tampering with marks and comments in the Progress Report, Project Work and examination Answer Scripts

v. Forging parents’ signature

vi. Defacing and / or damaging school property

vii. Leaving the school premises before official dispersal time without a gate pass issued by the competent authority.

viii. Missing a class / classes, without the knowledge and / or permission of the teacher concerned or competent authority

ix. Entering or attempting to enter, while in uniform, or otherwise, the LMG school campus, is strictly forbidden, expect with permission for attending a school programme, function or school-authorised event.

x. Any other conduct injurious to the ethical tone of the school or incompatible with the school rules on discipline.

xi. Riotous, indecent or unruly behaviour.

The offence will be documented in the school records and may lead to a direct suspension.
Two ‘’Category II’’ warning letters in the same academic year OR one ‘’Category II’’ warning letter in two consecutive academic years, may lead to expulsion.

Category III
A student is liable for temporary suspension, for a period to be decided by the Principal, or expulsion, without issuance of any warning letter, for the following-

i. Causing discomfiture, injury or distress – physically and / or mentally – to anyone deliberately, inside or outside the school premises

ii. Wilful destruction of school property or utility services

iii. Violent conduct, including manifestation of criminal or suicidal tendencies

iv. Consuming or keeping in possession any drug, alcohol, tobacco or related / similar substances in the school premises or entering the school premises under the influence of any of the above and / or in an inebriated state.

v. Carrying into the school premises or keeping in possession any inappropriate or objectionable object, article, material, substance, picture etc-physically or by way of clippings, in a cell phone or any other electronic gadget or resorting to ragging, bullying or committing any immoral act within the school premises,

vi. Involvement in any prosecution under the Indian Penal Code
vii. Any concerted attempt to subvert the policies and practices of the school or any effort to undermine the school administration / operation

viii. Any other such act(s) and / or behaviour – inside the school and outside its premises – which, in the opinion of the school authorities, is deemed to be dangerous for the safety of the fellow students or is detrimental to the interest and image of the school.

ix. Any conduct / behaviour subversive of good discipline.

Students may be referred to the in-house professional counsellors and / or special educators, or may be referred to similar experts outside the school (at cost to be borne by the parents), based on inputs and feedback received from Parents / Class Teachers / Subject Teachers / Section Heads and other school authorities. This is done solely for the benefit of the student and should not be regarded in any way as a request to withdraw the child from school. The advice of such professionals shall be binding on the parents / guardians.
The Principal may, in the interests of the School, have a student’s name removed from the school rolls if, in the opinion of the Former, the student has failed to adhere to the interests of the other students and/ or the student fails to come up to the academic standard of his class when the detention of the boy in the same class would make him too old for the class.